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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thrashers Reach New Low In Giveup Job Against Sabres

I was going to refer to the Trasher effort in Buffalo as heartless, gutless and prideless. If I utilized any of those words they would be a compliment. The Trashers need to be flushed down a commode after that giveup debacle. The Trashers have tanked a multitude of games this season. None was a more obvious giveup job that this one. Pathetic Pavs allowed a goal in the first minute. The Kari Lehtonen clone was replaced by Marshmallow Mason. It is a minor miracle the Sabres only netted eight goals against two of the worst goalies of all time. The Trashers simply gave up. Even the homer announcers admitted as much. It is something anyone with eyes has seen for weeks. This team, if one call call it that, belongs in Atlanta. Frankly, I do not care where. As long as it is not Georgia.

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